Top 4 Benefits Of CCTV Cameras In School Buses

Top 4 Benefits Of CCTV Cameras In School Buses

The safety of children is a paramount issue in our society. Concerned parents and guardians will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most secure environments for their wards, and this includes the time they spend on transit to and from school. 

School buses ferry a majority of children across India and surveillance is now a necessary part of any school transport system. The best way to ensure efficient surveillance is by installing CCTV cameras in the buses.  

Here are 4 benefits of installing CCTV cameras in school buses.

1. Identifying Unsafe Practices And Responding To Emergencies

The main reason for installing a surveillance camera in the school bus is to monitor and provide a secure space for young children. The camera allows the handlers to identify scenarios where children may be breaking travel safety rules and if someone is experiencing some discomfort. They also help a third party monitor the handling of the kids, ensuring that the transport staff (conductor and driver) is executing the prescribed duties to a T. 

Bullying is another big problem amongst school children and it can have deeper ramifications. The CCTVs are akin to an adult eye watching over the entourage and it discourages bad behavior between students. 

The surveillance can also include screens in the driver’s area so he or she can keep an eye on proceedings behind, while also concentrating on the road. This on-the-ground facility is especially helpful during medical emergencies and increases the response time required in such scenarios.

2. Real-Time Monitoring Via GPS

CCTVs for school buses are enabled with the latest real-time features, providing a complete surveillance and security experience. This allows fleet management companies and transport providers to know the location of the bus at all times. So apart from the passengers on the bus, third parties like parents too can keep an eye on their children via GPS.

Because of these real-time capabilities, bus fleet management control rooms will get real-time images and updates if there has been a route change. This results in faster communication and resolution if the bus has deviated from the original program for a particular reason. 

Real-time live images can be stored and used in case a particular incident needs to be investigated or evaluated. These hi-tech features in modern school bus surveillance further reduce the safety gray areas when children are in transit.

3. Encouraging Safe Driving

There are many cues in the CCTV footage which can be noticed by the control room in case there is an emergency. Rash driving is something very common on India’s roadways – a large reason for this is the lack of accountability many inexperienced and reckless drivers assume. However, with a live monitoring system in place in the vehicle, drivers will be aware that any trespass will be recorded as evidence and can lead to their reprimand and dismissal.  

Sensors and video footage are in place to keep checks on the driving. Some of the common mistakes that can be prevented include over-speeding, distracted driving, and harsh driving. 

4. Access For Parents And Schools

Earlier we mentioned that school bus CCTV surveillance allows access to all stakeholders, including most importantly, parents and school authorities. Parents get instant notifications when their children have been dropped off or picked up. They can check on their children from any location and they can know where their child is and the route he or she is taking to school. 

School authorities also get to keep an eye on their student if they install CCTVs with features such as speed alerts and security notifications along with pin-point route and time details. An integrated surveillance system allows schools to communicate with parents regarding the transit of the children.

Security for children needs to be comprehensive. The mere installation of cameras is not enough. Features like GPS, live notifications, and remote access for guardians are now indispensable. Logistics suppliers, school admins, and parents should have a single stand on school transit – there should be no compromise – every second should be monitored.

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