Why Geofencing Is Important For School Bus Tracking Systems?

Why Geofencing Is Important For School Bus Tracking Systems?

School transportation requires more attention to details. Security and safety of the young travelers is the highest priority and like any other activity that involves minors, monitoring also takes center-stage. From driving best practices to location, the latest GPS-enabled tech allows a lot of things to be tracked by parents and school authorities. The best and safest transportation systems are those that are interactive and can be easily accessed at all times – like geofencing. 

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a map-integrated service that is found in many industries. It is used in smart home technology, it can give you notifications if you are close to a certain spot, and it is also used by popular food delivering apps. Most importantly, geofencing can also ensure that children have a safe and hassle-free ride to and from school when they use a school bus.

Think of a perimeter – a virtual fence that is drawn around a certain area that includes the student’s home and school. Per the route, the school vehicle cannot stray beyond this parameter. All this while, the transportation can be live-tracked and parents and schools get alerts if the perimeter has been breached. 

Now that you have got an introduction for geofencing in school logistics and security, let us delve deeper into why geofencing is important for school bus tracking systems from the eyes of the stakeholders.

Parents, School Monitoring, And Geo-Fencing

Parents can now live track their child’s location once the school bus is equipped with a GPS locator that allows geofencing. They will get notifications when the child has been picked up by the bus and when he or she has been dropped off. 

The geofencing facility also gives parents alerts when the vehicle is taking a different route or crosses the established transport parameter. When this happens they can communicate quickly to ascertain the reasons for the route change.

No More Uncertainties, No More Worrying

Children have to be away from parents and guardians for a large chunk of the day. This leads to a lot of worrying about the young ones’ safety. Geo-fencing has become a smart solution because it establishes parameters and a child can be tracked from any remote location. Integrating it in the child’s school transport system should be on top of the list and there is no denying that it gives a peace of mind to parents and guardians. 

Fleet Management And School Authorities

The other major stakeholders in a school transport system are the school authorities. School logistics facilities are a major ranking factor for parents when they are considering which establishment to send their children to. Parents will choose schools that guarantee the complete safety of their children over those that cannot. 

Geofencing allows school authorities and school bus fleet managers a larger control over the routes and transportation of children. Geofencing tech along with sensors on the vehicle allows authorities to check on vehicle speed apart from knowing the live location. The school bus fleet managers can also use geofencing data to make their operations more efficient. 

They can identify the best routes for a particular drop and pick-up. Which routes are the quickest? Which routes are the most economical? Which ones have the least obstacles? These are just some of the many questions that are answered after studying geofencing data from a school bus system.

Everyone Is In The Loop

The entire functioning of a modern school bus tracking system is based on its geofencing capabilities. It gives observers an eye in the sky and can be integrated with messaging systems to keep everyone informed about the location of a specific vehicle. It is also a technology that is bringing parents and schools closer together – creating a common bridge that allows them to watch over the precious pupils. Geofencing is the pivot of secure school transportation, adding an all-important security layer – one that will soon become the norm.

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