All you need to know about AIS 140 GPS Tracking System for school buses

All you need to know about AIS 140 GPS Tracking System for school buses

Nowadays, school administrations, as well as the government, are leaving no stone unturned to ensure Children’s safety in India. According to the recent ruling, tracking of school buses is mandatory and AIS 140 certified GPS tracking devices are needed to be installed in all the school buses with at least four panic buttons to ensure proper safety measures. Hence, vehicle tracking systems are necessary to keep an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in place.

What is AIS 140 GPS tracking device?

The Automotive Industry Standard no. 140 (AIS 140) is a standard created by ARAI (Automobile Research Association of India) which specifies details about the GPS device and panic button that needs to be used in vehicle tracking systems. The government of India has mandated installation of GPS devices and panic buttons in school buses and hence, adherence to the AIS 140 is a must when choosing the technology to be used.

What is the difference between a normal standard GPS device and an AIS 140 GPS device?

While, a normal standard GPS device can only send the location of the vehicle to one server, an AIS 140 GPS device sends location to three servers simultaneously. These servers include the school’s server, SOS server used by the police and the Government’s Command and Control centre. 

How will schools and parents benefit by using the AIS 140 GPS device?

Using the AIS 140 GPS device will benefit both; the school and parents as it provides utmost safety which perhaps is the main motive behind installing a vehicle tracking system. 

Schools will benefit as:

  • The system will ensure the safety of the children and that will also add to the value proposition that the school provides. 
  • The device will help track the school buses which are school’s property and there effective and efficient use can be ensured through the device. 
  • School bus’s location will be shared with the government and police authorities by default so if any mis-happening occurs there won’t be any delay in action. 
  • Live monitoring will help prevent crime and help build parent’s trust where security around school is concerned. 
  • Child’s safety is in place and highest emphasis is given to that.

Parents will benefit as:

  • Parent’s receive notifications when the school bus is about to arrive, the child reaches school, and leaves for home, which helps them plan better.
  • Parent’s can track the school bus on a map and can catch the bus at any other stop if the child misses the bus, they also receive attendance notifications.
  • Having panic buttons on the school bus and authorities tracking the bus ensures effective disaster management when their kids are in the school bus.

What are the consequences of non-compliance to AIS 140?

The Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI)  has stipulated mandatory use of AIS 140 approved GPS device with panic buttons in all public and private school buses. Failure to comply with this mandate will result in the suspension of a transport permit along with hefty fines.


The AIS 140 GPS devices are the future of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and due to the rule passed by authorities regarding its installation in school buses being mandatory, it’s an innovative leap for the Vehicle tracking system. Every school and parent should ensure that only certified AIS 140 devices are installed in their school buses to ensure Children’s safety and installation of at least 4 panic buttons is necessary according to the directives. 

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