4 Technologies that can take School Transportation Security to Next Level

4 Technologies that can take School Transportation Security to Next Level

The education ecosystem is making the most of technology. From e-Learning in classrooms to surveillance cameras within school premises, there is an important role that technology plays. One such creative advantage of technology in school is transportation management. 

Over the past few years, school authorities have been strong in their endeavors to ensure students’ security within and outside school premises. For this, a variety of solutions are being introduced and accepted by school authorities. Here are 5 of the trending technologies that are ensuring a student’s security and improving the efficiency of the transportation system. 

1. GPS for Live Tracking: Global Positioning System is a hardware device that’s generally integrated with a software/mobile app to track a bus location, live. Such a system offer details about whereabouts of a bus to the parents as a well as school so that they can track movements, get to know about unexpected stoppages, and keep a check on bus speed etc. This helps the school authorities to act in emergency scenarios. 

2. RFID Scanners: Radio-Frequency Identification scanners is a great solution to mark a student’s absence or presence in the school bus. This involves RFID cards & readers and is basically a notification based bus tracker. 

3. Near Field Communication: NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity system uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they come in contact or brought within a few centimeters. 

4. CCTV Cameras: Video surveillance in school buses is a mandate. In fact, CBSE has mandated installation of CCTV cameras and GPS in school buses. This not only enables school authorities to track the behavior of students while commuting to and from the school but also allows them to keep a check on staff handling capabilities in odd scenarios. 

These four technologies shared above provides the most prominent ways to secure the transportation system. If your school is planning to empower the transportation system with stringent security, it is the time to go for real-time school bus tracking tools. These tools ascertain that both parents and school have a detailed view of a bus whereabouts and are notified about the same. If you wish to know how a school bus tracking system can bring a change in the transportation system.

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