5 Transport Security Questions that Schools should Answer During Admissions

5 Transport Security Questions that Schools should Answer During Admissions

During school admissions, parents look for more than just best academic facilities. They are quite selective when it comes to their child’s overall development and security. That is why, it is certainly a hard job to create a positive picture of school in parent’s mind during admissions.

Communication is the key and therefore, school authorities need to gear themselves up with answer to the inquiries that parents generally do during admissions. For example:

  • What are the emergency protocols that school follows for bus transport?

  • How qualified is the transport staff in the school? If the school staff is appointed after thorough background check or not?

  • How does the school authorities ensure security of students outside the school premises during transport?

  • How is technology incorporated in school transport? Is there a digital aid used by school to augment security?

  • What measures are taken to overcome emergencies like ill health, bus issues while commuting etc.

Convincing Parents about Child’s Security

Security is what most of the school authorities pay attention to. However, with rising violent cases against children, especially while they commute to and from school, it is important to extend the security to transportation system as well.

For this, the best solution is a real-time bus tracking system. This would act as a transparent communication channel between school and parents, notifying them about location of school bus while the child commutes to/from school.

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