How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Way School and Parents Communicate?

How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Way School and Parents Communicate?

Digital mediums are bringing change for good in the education system. Along with introducing intuitive ways of learning, digital modes, such as mobile apps are playing an imperative role in how school authorities are communicating with parents, and vice versa.

From the time students board to school bus to the time they deboard, parents are constantly on edge about their security. While schools are rigorously making efforts to ensure safety of students in-premises, they are adopting simple, innovative ways to keep parents informed about their children. One of those popular mediums include mobile apps that allow parents and schools to keep a tab on students during their commute to and from the school. Here are 3 ways how mobile apps can empower both the ends to track students:

GPS Tracking: Mobile apps that track real time location of students are integrated with GPS devices that translates the data from device to mobile apps. This way, both school authorities and parents can track school bus location.

Geo Fencing: Such a functionality in mobile apps notify both the ends, whenever the school bus moves away from a defined geographical area.

Avoid Waitings: With parents being able to track school bus location, they can ensure that the wait-times on bus stands to arrive can be eliminated.

Looking for an app to give school authorities and parents a peace of mind? Schedule a free demo forĀ Yellow.Live, a school bus tracking system and also locked with features to improve efficiency of school transportation system.

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