Commercial fleet managers face many of the same problems as all other managers do- effectively utilizing people and assets, reducing costs and increasing ROI. What makes logistic manager’s job challenging is managing the situations in real time from a distant location, and that of a country-wide dispersed team.

Listed below are 4 major challenges that you will definitely relate to, and how introducing technology to your daily operations can make your job easier and improve efficiency.

Problem: Collecting reliable data from  geographically dispersed team

Large commercial fleet management not only involves strategic mobile workforce management, but also the management of vehicles  across a wide geographical area. Organization that operate across state lines, or even internationally, face difficulties in gathering reliable information from remote drivers. Often, the drivers mis-report their whereabouts, that leads to delivery delays and increased overheads.

Solution: Look for a trip management solution that provides you with information such as vehicle speed, location and usage, as well as driving behavior that can be reported on with alerts sent directly to your mobile device. It completely eliminates mis-reporting by the drivers and provides you with a single source of truth.

Problem: Controlling unauthorized use of fleet assets

Misuse of company assets, such as using vehicles outside of work hours or outside of designated areas, can result in additional cost to the organization as well as potential litigation risks. The time lapse caused due to unauthorized usage often leads to delay in delivery or harsh driving to compensate for the lost time.

Solution: Implement a trip management solution that allows to define a geo-fence across the authorized route of your trip. Geo fencing feature automatically updates you as soon as the vehicle pass the fence and enters an unauthorized area. It not only helps you keep a check on unauthorized usage of the vehicle, but also provides an extra layer of security to your consignment.

Problem: Keeping all the stakeholders informed

With hundreds of vehicles running all across the country, it becomes challenging to know the whereabouts of all of them.  And keeping all the stakeholders informed about their respective consignment adds an additional weight to the responsibility.

Solution: Installing a collaborative tracking solution allows all the stakeholders to monitor the movement and whereabouts of their respective consignments in real time. Such updates put you in direct control of vehicles en route, allowing you to make better decisions and improve customer service. Another benefit of real-time truck tracking is that while vehicles are en route, the dispatcher can communicate with customers to provide an accurate time for arrival. The customer can be kept informed of potential delays even before the arrival time.

Problem: Keeping all fleet vehicles optimally utilized

The larger the fleet, greater is the challenge to manage it and keep it optimally utilized. Both, under-utilization or over-utilization, can cause  a significant loss of investment and cost to the organization. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep all vehicles optimally utilized.

Solution: An integrated vehicle tracking solution provides you with customizable trip reports that apprise you with critical information about each vehicle’s utilization over a defined period. It helps you keep track of the efficiency of all the vehicles and makes sure that all of them are accounted for and being utilized efficiently.

In case you are facing challenges in tracking your consignments or improving efficiency of your fleet, schedule a demo of our integrated fleet tracking solution, Autoload.

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