Beyond the sphere
of your known

The perfect key to your endless needs.

Just Beyond where you are!

Beyond is a collection of numerous services, offered under a unique platform, providing a complete support for logistics, enterprise and educational workspaces to grow beyond their norms.

Quick Setup

Unified Platform


We open your door to the right products, enabling easy integration and installation.

We provide the right key to your endless needs on a single platform, catering to logistics, management and safety.

We process the right set of strategies to help you increase your sales and revenue.

“We strive for your growth, beyond your thoughts”
– Yogesh Aggarwal, Founder

Industries we Serve

Being a platform that defines a better way to go beyond yourself, these are the industries that we cater to.



Beyond for Monitoring

Enabling the right services, we help you monitor the flow of your goods and services, right at your doorstep.

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Beyond for Education

A unified key for the management of an efficient educational workspace with a feature of safety certified transport system.

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